The Only FIREWALL That PROTECTS You and Your Loved Ones From Scammers

$3 Billion was lost to scammers last year. Let's put an end to that.

Against a Real Scammer

Listen to ScamWall in action against a real scammer!
This scammer got spooked and hung up immediately!



" not only helps protect our most vulnerable, it gives us peace of mind"

- Lacey Evans 'IVOS'

Boda Scambaits
"Fighting scammers is a lot easier when you have something like on the frontlines"

- Boda Scambaits 'Scambaiter'

"Scamwall is game changer in the fight against scams. I truly believe this software will save millions of potential victims"

- StoneWolf 'Scambaiter'

How It Works

1) Constantly Monitoring

ScamWall runs in the background on you or your loved ones computer and monitors your downloads for programs commonly used by scammers. Your antivirus won't protect you since remote access software is a legitimate product.

2) Lock Your Computer

When a program commonly used by scammers is detected, ScamWall immediately deletes the downloaded installer. A fullscreen window appears letting the user know that the person on the phone may not be who they say they are.

3) Text Sent

If you purchase ScamWall for your loved ones, a text will be sent to you with a code to unlock their computer when a potential is detected. If you are using ScamWall for yourself, the screen will disappear in 15 minutes, preventing the scammer from doing further damage.

Temporary Access

If you or your loved ones need legitimate access to a remote desktop program or other programs commonly used by scammers, temporary access can be given in the admin portal.


Remote Desktop Blocker

ScamWall checks URL's and downloads against a list of commonly used remote desktop software. ScamWall inspects the contents of the download to detect malicious programs even when scammers change the file name!

Phishing Email Detection

ScamWall analyzes emails for potential scams. Each email is assign a threat level. If a dangerous email is detected, a notification is sent to the account admin and all links are removed from the email. Detection is done completely in the browser and email data only leave the browser if the user sends it to their admin! Currently this feature is only supported for GMail users.

Phishing Site Detection

ScamWall analyzes every page for elements commonly used in tech-support scam popups. Each URL is checked against a database of 80,000+ known links used by scammers that is updated hourly. If a site is flagged for phishing, account admins can receive an image of the homepage for approval so they do not have to put their computer in harms way.

Browsers Supported

Operating Systems Supported

ScamWall Runs as a Chrome Extension. ScamWall will run on any OS that supports the chrome browser or any browser base on Chromium

Why is ScamWall Free?

ScamWall started out as a paid product but after consideration, we have decided to offer it as a free service. Not a freemium. Not a free trial. A FREE service.

We recognized that the few dollars a month could be a barrier of entry to protect your loved ones so we said "F*ck it" and dropped the pay-wall to ScamWall. ScamWall does cost money to run so if you feel so inclined, please feel free to leave a donation by clicking the button below!

Why We Started ScamWall

Other common tools block inbound calls from scammers but nothing is done to prevent outbound scams. An outbound scam is when a popup appears saying something along the lines of "Microsoft has detected 6 viruses on your computer, call (XXX) XXX-XXXX to get them removed."

When a victim calls the number, they are instructed to download a remote-desktop program and once the scammer has control, its over. They will gain access to the victims bank accounts, passwords, and sensitive information.

After receiving a voicemail from his grandmother, explaining that she fell for a scam, our founder built ScamWall to make sure this tragedy never happens to anyone else.

Your privacy matters to us. We will NEVER sell your information to anyone!

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